Day 2…upper body, sore muscles, gelatin, and breakfast?

Day 2 of the 12 Week Female Body Bible. Holy moley I am SORE. Today was upper body: push ups, chest flies, tricep dips and tricep extensions. I’m not strong enough to do real dips so I had to use the machine that adds weight and “helps”. It was still sooper hard. Especially because my muscles were fatigued from yesterday’s leg work out. I didn’t do my hiit. I just wasn’t feeling it. And I realized once I got to the gym that I’d forgotten my head phones. No music=no cardio. But I did do a killer ab workout and spent like 20 minutes stretching and rolling out my massively sore muscles. Tomorrow is cardio day and I plan to run for 45 minutes or more if I can. I’m currently enjoying an Isagenix berry vegan protein smoothie.


Last night before bed I had a glass of water with 1 scoop of gelatin and 1 scoop magnesium powder. This morning I put a scoop of gelatin in with my electrolyte drink. I’m trying to drink 1 glass of water every morning first thing when I wake up. Anyway I’m hoping the gelatin will help me stay fuller throughout the day and help me sleep better at night. If I wake up at night I’m really hungry, and I’m pretty much hungry all day and find myself craving sweets when I know I’m not really hungry.

I think I need to eat a heartier breakfast but I am having issues figuring out what to eat. Firstly, because I know if I eat too much before a work out I feel heavy and get stomach cramps. Secondly, I have some dietary restrictions so the typical eggs and toast aren’t really an option for me. What do all you fit people out there have for breakfast, assuming you work out in the morning?



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Strippin’ diapers!


Nope, not as sexy as it sounds. This is the last load of cloth diapers I had to strip due to ammonia build up. Stripping diapers in my house is even more time consuming because we have a front load washing machine. My husband set up a cool hose system so I can add water to the machine, but I can only add so many diapers at a time, so it’s taken me 3 loads to get my son’s diapers stripped. Here’s my stripping routine :

Pre wash rinse with warm water. No added water.
Rinse with cold water and bac-out. No added water here either.
Hot wash adding water for 5 minutes. I use Allen’s Naturally detergent.
Hot rinse with 1/2 cup white vinegar adding water for 5 minutes.
Hot water soak with RLR. Sprinkle one packet of RLR over diapers, add water for 5 or 6 minutes and pause cycle. Leave overnight then let machine finish cycle.
Rinse in hot water as many times as is necessary until no more bubbles form. This usually takes me at least 5 rinses and as many as 10.

If your cloth diapers are really stinky or are giving your baby a diaper rash, it might be time to strip.

Good luck!

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Blogging again!

So! It’s been awhile since my last blog post…like…a really long while. I don’t really care about being a blogger so to speak, but I need somewhere to track my diet and fitness, as well as some parenting, lifestyle and church happenings, and I think a blog would be the perfect place to do that. So, if you care to follow my life, feel free!

This week I started a new weight lifting plan. I was doing strength and interval classes at the gym but I realized my fitness level was plateauing and I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be so I decided to take the plunge and start lifting weights again. I haven’t really lifted since college. So I was nervous to start and am still nervous every time I step into the free weights area, but I’m doing my best to get over it and not care what all the beefy people think! I’m also still practicing yoga twice a week because I feel that I need that time, mentally, to stay centered. Yoga keeps me grounded and helps maintain my sanity. I know it sounds cheesy but I don’t care! It also helps stretch out my crazy sore muscles and keeps my core incredibly strong.

The program I’m following is called The Female Training Bible and it’s free on Actually I started it today because I accidentally did the wrong workout on Monday – oops! Anywho, the workouts are basic, short, and intense and I’m loving them so far. I had never used a foam roller before, but the program has you start by stretching out with one before every workout and it is amazing! It’s like a free massage where you control the intensity.

I was nervous today doing some of the exercises, like weighted hip thrust and box jumps. They’re things I’ve never done before and I felt silly and like I looked weird doing them. But I’m glad I did it anyway. My body will never change for the better if I don’t challenge it. I also just about died doing the high intensity interval training (hiit) on the treadmill. I’m really hoping my cardio improves with these workouts as well. I’m not a cardio girl, though I used to be, and I’d love my fitness level to be back to where I feel comfortable running 5, 6, 7, or even 8, 9 or 10 miles again. I did it once, I’m just not interested in marathon training anymore – just getting stronger and leaner, so while I don’t really see the purpose in long cardio sessions, I know they are extremely beneficial to my heart and metabolism so I want to keep them up and improve if I can.

Breakfast today was 2 slices of gluten free toast with almond butter on one and homamade low sugar plum jam on the other, and coffee of course. Lunch was a little weird because I indulged at a friend’s birthday party and ate TWO vegan gluten free puddings with blueberries, so when I came home I wasn’t very hungry and just had 1 1/2 organic turkey patties (with pesto in them yum) dipped in some homemade roasted garlic dressing and a handful of pecans. Dinner tonight will be slow cooker kalbi beef with brown rice and eggplant. I’m pretty stoked about dinner! I’m hoping to post photos of my eats in the future 🙂

Anyone have any tips for stretching out shins? Seriously mine are SO sore!

Alright that’s all for now, wish me luck with my new fitness adventure! And I will be checking in again soon.


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Labor Day eats

I know Labor Day was awhile ago, but I enjoyed so much good food I still want to share it all with you.

Sunday I surprised my husband with a feast of spaghetti and meat balls. We were at Whole Foods, and just looking at their butcher counter gave me a sudden craving for meat balls. Many of you will find this odd, because I’m kind of a vegetarian…but there you go. At least I bought the organic grass fed free range good stuff. I made homemade sauce my “traditional” way, with pureed carrot, crushed tomatoes, and lots of red wine to intensify the flavor. Although I did not add sausage or veal to the meat balls, they turned out absolutely perfect. Someday I will share my recipe for that sauce. I need to iron out the measurements though, since I just throw things into the pot 🙂 I find my intuition is usually spot on when it comes to cooking, and I make much better food without recipes.


Monday (Labor Day) we went to a BBQ at our good friends home and ate lots of good food there. The babies played on the floor, and the adults drank a lot of beer. I made blackberry cobbler and basil peach pie. They were both to die for. I did use recipes from this amazing vegan cook book.


I hope you all had a fun Labor Day weekend! I will be posting soon on something peach related.

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fancy hummus

I usually like to make hummus the more “traditional” way (just beans, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, salt), but I was at a family BBQ last weekend, and someone had brought this super fancy hummus so I decided I needed to try and imitate it. It had sun dried tomatoes and basil in it. It was so delicious, though I forget what brand it was. I think this recipe gets pretty close.

What you need:

food processor and spatula

roasted garlic (2-3 bulbs plus the oil, depending on your garlic tolerance)

3 15oz cans garbanzo beans (I buy mine at Fred Meyer. Their private label organic canned beans are only $1!)

2 tsp sea salt, plus more to taste

2 small handfuls fresh basil

2 Tbsp lemon juice

½ cup sun dried tomatoes, in their oil

3 Tbsp pine nuts

freshly ground pepper and paprika to taste

¼ – 1 cup water

Add the garbanzo beans to the food processor and mix until it becomes a paste. Doing this before adding everything else will make a smoother hummus.

Processed a little before adding everything else











Now add everything else and process. Start with ¼ cup water, and add more if necessary to achieve your desired texture and consistency. I like mine pretty smooth, so I added about ¾ cup water. Add more salt, pepper, and paprika to taste.

To make a pretty appetizer, put some hummus in a nice bowl, make a well in the center, and fill with about 1 Tbsp of pine nuts. Julienne 2-3 large fresh basil leaves, and sprinkle on top, then drizzle lemon juice and olive oil, with a little more sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Your guests will be extremely impressed when you tell them you did not buy it from Costco!


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roasted garlic, my way

I was going to do a post on hummus, and then I realized before I can do that I need to talk about roasted garlic. So here you go 🙂

Roasted garlic is simply delicious. Roasting helps mellows out the overpowering taste, spiciness, and smell of raw garlic. Its also softens the bulbs up. Try adding them to pizza, salads, pasta, or just on top of some good bread.

I like to roast garlic a little differently than you are probably used to. I didn’t invent this method, but I have switched it up a bit to meet my preferences. I promise the end result is just as good or better, and you get a bunch of garlicky oil too!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 small glass baking dish. I use a bread pan.
  • 3-4 heads of garlic, outer skins rubbed off, and tops cut off to expose most of the bulbs. You need just enough garlic to fill your baking dish. Do not throw away the pointy little ends that you cut off!
  • ½ – ¾ cup olive oil
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • freshly ground pepper

And here’s how to do it:

Preheat oven to 400 deg.

Place your trimmed garlic heads, cut side down, in your baking dish. Smash the trimmed tops with a large chef’s or santoku knife, and put in bottom of dish as well. Pour over the top, ½ cup of the olive oil. Sprinkle over that the sea salt and fresh black pepper. Cover with tinfoil.

tops cut off to expose bulbs

ready to go into a 400 deg oven

Bake at 400 for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, check your garlic. If it squeezes out of its skin easily it is done. However, if it’s not soft enough yet, add ¼ cups more olive oil and put back in the hot oven for 5-10 more minutes.

Wait for heads and oil to cool. Watch out, because that oil is going to be very hot when you remove the tin foil and there will be some steam in there. Once everything is cooled off, make sure to take the garlic out of the oil, otherwise it will soak it all up.

Enjoy your roasted garlic! Make sure to save the oil for making hummus, salad dressings, adding to pasta sauce, etc.

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easiest baby food recipe

Well, maybe not the easiest baby food. I think that banana is probably the easiest baby food, since all you have to do is peel and mash. Avocado has to be the second easiest baby food, requiring one more utensil than bananas (a knife). But sweet potato baby food is definitely the third easiest baby food to make. In my humble opinion. So…

the third easiest baby food ever

Not a very inspiring title. But, this baby food is so easy to make – all you need are the sweet potatoes, a fork, a large pyrex dish or tinfoil, an oven, and a blender. No food processor or vegetable peeler required. Most people I know have all of these kitchen items handy. You actually don’t even need the blender unless your baby (like mine) prefers really smooth baby food. For a long time Beau would not eat sweet potato because I would just mash it with a fork. Turns out, he didn’t like the texture. Silly mommy 🙂

Obviously, the more sweet potatoes you roast, the more food you will have to save, and the more energy you will be saving by making a bunch of food at once.

So here’s how to do it:

1. Preheat oven to 400 deg F. Get your large glass baking dish ready. Grease it up if you like, though I don’t find it to be necessary.

2. Poke your sweet potatoes! About 10 times all over each of them. Big fat ones work best. Rinse off if they are especially dirty. Make sure they look pretty and are a nice deep reddish-orange-brown and sometimes even purple color. You do not need to purchase organic, since the skin will be coming off, and pesticides do not penetrate the thick skin of sweet potatoes very easily, but I find that the quality of organic sweet potatoes tends to be better. They are also not usually that much more expensive. If you have a Costco membership, they usually have a 10 pound box of conventionally grown for $6-$7.

3. Bake at 400 degrees for 40 minutes in glass dish.

4. After 40 minutes, check on your spuds. Stick a fork into the fattest one, it should be really really soft and go through easily. If it’s still a little hard, flip them over and put back in the oven for 10-30 minutes.

5. When the sweet potatoes are nice on soft, take them out of the oven, and leave on the counter in the dish, until cool. In other words, leave them on the counter until you forgot that you had roasted sweet potatoes for baby food, and several hours later when you come back to the kitchen, there they will be on your counter!


6. Peel the skins off. This will be soooo easy, you’ll wonder why you ever used a vegetable peeler to make roasted sweet potatoes. The skins slip right off, it’s magical.


7. Place 2 potatoes in blender at a time, and puree until very smooth. You will probably need to add about 1/2 cup of water. You can also add a little bit (like 1-2 Tbsp) of lemon juice, to keep it from browning. Feel free to add other stuff too, like apple, bananas, steamed carrots, roasted squash, etc.

8. Freeze or refrigerate.

Obviously, the more sweet potatoes you roast, the more food you will have to save for future use, and the more energy you will be saving by making a bunch of food at once.

Here is my finished product:



August 30, 2012 · 8:20 pm