Feeling good

You know you’ve had a good workout when…


Yesterday was back to Day 1 of my female training bible. Legs legs and more legs, plus the dreaded hiit. But I did it! I lifted pretty much the same weight as last week, but felt more confident and stronger lifting that weight than last week. And now I am sore 🙂

Today is vinyasa yoga, which I cannot go without.

The biggest change I have noticed isn’t really my body, though I have to admit looks pretty damn good. My biggest improvement is how I feel about myself. I mean, I still feel clumsy in the the gym with the free weights, but when I get home I’m like, daaayaaaam gurl, u lookin good! I swear I feed off the endorphins my body releases when I work out. And I know I hate cardio, but the days I do it I like myself more.

On the home front, we are still looking for a new car. We have driven so many and it’s starting to wear on me. Staying out late just to talk to salesmen and come home empty handed. I’m tired and my patience is running thin during the day with the boys. I’m praying a lot for patience and that was find a car soon.

Wish us luck with the car hunt, and that I have the energy to deal with my crazy kiddos. Hoping my hour spent in yoga today helps ground me.


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