Home workout, not an afternoon person

Yesterday was a little quirky and I missed my regular morning gym routine. I had a MOPS steering team meeting to attend in the morning, but I still wanted to get my sweat on. So I worked out in the afternoon at home in my kids’ play room. First, let me say, that I hate working out in the afternoon and evening. My body likes being active in the morning. Getting into the gym around 9:30, first of all, makes me feel like I’ve already accomplished something, and secondly gives me energy for the rest of the day. But I also just feel like I have the most energy to be active at that time. When I work out in the afternoon or evening I feel slow, tired, and just not into it. So my plan yesterday was to do some T25 while Emil napped, and then once he got up, head to the Y to lift some weights. Well, I got the T25 part in at home. I just did the first cardio DVD and it was awesome. Great, intense, explosive moves that made me sweat and didn’t require a whole lot of floor space. My muscles are also very tight so I decided to do the T25 Stretch DVD as well. Shaun T definitely has some fantastic stretching advice. It’s what I would call active stretching; very little floor work, lots of flexing and releasing the muscle you are focusing on to get a better stretch. For anyone thinking about investing in your fitness and wondering about T25, I highly recommend it! I would also like to point out how “fun” it is to try and work out with an awake 3 year old. I didn’t want to put Beau in front of a show because he had already watched way too much PBS that morning, and he seemed interested in exercising with my so I went for it. It is fun watching him try to do jump squats and lunges and jumping jacks, or walk in circles around me while I’m stretching. But not so fun when I do down into a low squat and knock him over with my butt because he’s 6 inches behind me and I couldn’t see him. Or when he tries to climb on my back while I’m holding a plank. I know, you’re thinking: “added resistance!” but no, in the moment it’s not cute.

So after my cardio and stretching session I just could not bring myself to get out of the house to go lift weights. Once 3 pm hits I am just so tired. It’s like that every day. It’s especially difficult because the boys turn into tiny little monsters starting around 3:30. From 3 until Bryce gets home from work around 6 is like torture. Every single day.

So today I hit the weights again and I’m happy to say I have officially completed my first week of The Female Training Bible! I know, it took me more that a week and I didn’t follow the cardio guidelines to a T but whatever! I’m doing exercises I’ve never done before, my muscles are sooper dooper sore, but I feel myself getting stronger and more confident. I’m looking forward to hitting the weights again tomorrow…morning 🙂


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  1. Justine

    I find that mornings are better for me too because my weakness is usually some crappy, food choices. If I work out in the AM, I don’t want to mess that up with my food choices so I make better ones.

    Great job with T25, you got something more in than you would have normally and that is a WIN! ❤

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