Day 2…upper body, sore muscles, gelatin, and breakfast?

Day 2 of the 12 Week Female Body Bible. Holy moley I am SORE. Today was upper body: push ups, chest flies, tricep dips and tricep extensions. I’m not strong enough to do real dips so I had to use the machine that adds weight and “helps”. It was still sooper hard. Especially because my muscles were fatigued from yesterday’s leg work out. I didn’t do my hiit. I just wasn’t feeling it. And I realized once I got to the gym that I’d forgotten my head phones. No music=no cardio. But I did do a killer ab workout and spent like 20 minutes stretching and rolling out my massively sore muscles. Tomorrow is cardio day and I plan to run for 45 minutes or more if I can. I’m currently enjoying an Isagenix berry vegan protein smoothie.


Last night before bed I had a glass of water with 1 scoop of gelatin and 1 scoop magnesium powder. This morning I put a scoop of gelatin in with my electrolyte drink. I’m trying to drink 1 glass of water every morning first thing when I wake up. Anyway I’m hoping the gelatin will help me stay fuller throughout the day and help me sleep better at night. If I wake up at night I’m really hungry, and I’m pretty much hungry all day and find myself craving sweets when I know I’m not really hungry.

I think I need to eat a heartier breakfast but I am having issues figuring out what to eat. Firstly, because I know if I eat too much before a work out I feel heavy and get stomach cramps. Secondly, I have some dietary restrictions so the typical eggs and toast aren’t really an option for me. What do all you fit people out there have for breakfast, assuming you work out in the morning?



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3 responses to “Day 2…upper body, sore muscles, gelatin, and breakfast?

  1. Justine

    SSSSOOOOO… I am hardly a “fit person” but I am going to suggest anyway. What has been working well for me (assuming the following are in your diet at the moment):

    Overnight Oats
    1/4 cup GF rolled oats/Steel Cut Oats
    3 oz Cultured Coconut Milk (Coconut Yogurt)
    3 fl oz Organic Coconut Milk
    1 TBSN Hemp Hearts (I process mine a bit so they are ground)
    1/3 cup mixed berries or cut apples or peaches

    If I really want a bit of sweetener, I measure 10g of local honey into the mix

    Sit overnight in the fridge and eat when you are hungry in the AM.

    I did that today before my bike and swim and was feeling really great after both activities. I needed a snack about an hour after my work out but water and a half banana were sufficient.

    Great job on working your upper body today! Upper body is my weakest and it takes a lot to try new things and be willing to modify what you need. You are doing great!

  2. Justine

    I like them cold. If you add too much liquid, it can get slimy. I don’t add chia seeds since those make things slimy (to me).

    It is worth a try. Plain oatmeal is just doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t last through sitting at a desk so I wouldn’t trust it to make it through a work out day!

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