Labor Day eats

I know Labor Day was awhile ago, but I enjoyed so much good food I still want to share it all with you.

Sunday I surprised my husband with a feast of spaghetti and meat balls. We were at Whole Foods, and just looking at their butcher counter gave me a sudden craving for meat balls. Many of you will find this odd, because I’m kind of a vegetarian…but there you go. At least I bought the organic grass fed free range good stuff. I made homemade sauce my “traditional” way, with pureed carrot, crushed tomatoes, and lots of red wine to intensify the flavor. Although I did not add sausage or veal to the meat balls, they turned out absolutely perfect. Someday I will share my recipe for that sauce. I need to iron out the measurements though, since I just throw things into the pot 🙂 I find my intuition is usually spot on when it comes to cooking, and I make much better food without recipes.


Monday (Labor Day) we went to a BBQ at our good friends home and ate lots of good food there. The babies played on the floor, and the adults drank a lot of beer. I made blackberry cobbler and basil peach pie. They were both to die for. I did use recipes from this amazing vegan cook book.


I hope you all had a fun Labor Day weekend! I will be posting soon on something peach related.


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